Thursday, 25 June 2009

Sketch Up!

Been awhile since my last post due to being well busy with finishing up uni and moving house :o but I decided to have a brief chat about the general awesomeness of Sketch Up.
Sketch Up is another one of them google things and unsurprisingly it is pretty damn cool. Its 3d for idiots. Once you get to grips with the tools everything is easy. I say this because I am a pen and paper kind of gal, CAD tends to leave me in a quivering wreck on the floor yanking out my hair and screaming curses at god about why anyone would make such a horrific piece of software and expect those of us who are not computer minded to use with it.
Anyway, the reason i started my whole sketch up thing is because someone directed me towards these Tetris Shelves and because I'm cheap and I really, really like building stuff I kind of set my heart on it for a summer project. So back to sketch up, I tried drawing, I'm pretty good at thinking in 3d but it turned out that drawing tetris pieces is kind of hard so I decided to try something new and it turns out that sketch up was the answer. I can now see exactly how many pieces of wood i need, how long they need to be and it is awesome. All I need to do now is convince my Dad that letting me use a saw would be a good idea and if I want to stain the blocks different colours.