Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Just in case you didnt know...

I well like dinosaurs


and I cleaned my room

p.s click the photo for full view.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Dot to what?

Soooo yesterday i went to Dot to Dot a magical musical extravaganza held in venues across Bristol. I really wanted to take my camera out to shoot some pictures but it broke and thus there no pictures i just have a stonking hangover and a hurty eye from where i got bubbles in it when i was playing in the fountain. But i guess that kind of serves me right.
I did get to see some fun stuff, after i recoverd from the fountain induced blindness, like Patrick Wolf and Lady Hawk but potentially the best band of the day where Chik Budo, they have a sax, and i honestly believe that all bands can be improved with the addition of a bit of brass. AAAAAnyways check them out at
For awesome aural funs.
I will give a more detailed account of what happened later maybe when my brain isn't crying inside my skull....

Friday, 22 May 2009

Skulls meets some old school fairisle.

So here are some fairisle patterns for the knitted part of my collection way exciting or what. I have been having some serious issues with the (crappy) CAD knitting machine so forgive the spottyness of some of the samples the final knits will be much tidier.


One of the first samples i knitted, had some dropped stitch problems.


Same as above but smaller and with less skull action. You can see where the knitting machine is catching in the high light colour stitches which is very annoying but sadly unfixable untill i get on the good machine.


Subtle, potentially a bit disgusting as well... reminds me of babies which is probably a bad thing. Not enough contrast in the colours and due to the spotting the pattern is way less clear.

I am really hoping it doesn't look too piratical.

Hurrah first post

Hello there,
SO first post, and what will it be about? Not much. This seems to me a rather random time to start a blog as i only have like 3?!?! weeks left untill the end of my second year at university but woah what a second year it has been.

A brief summery;
  • winning a competition with some fellow designers on my course to show our group collection, called Scandaravia, at a fashion show at Motion (in bristol). Tragically due to illness i wasn't actually there but we did get asked to make a 15 piece sale or return collection for a shop (hell yes).
  • Breaking my hand, a hindrance in every respect considering it was my right hand and i am right handed but it kind of helped with the project i am currently working on, Mexican day of the dead meets 1930's swimwear, when that is put in writing it seems a little odd but it works...i think.
  • Getting the go ahead for an exhibition at the Tobacco Factory (a bar/art space in Bedminster) showcasing young designers from U.W.E. Which is happening in Feb next year.
All in all its been pretty awesome, lots of fun has been had lots of stuff has been done and I intend to spend my summer making stuff and getting some ideas together for my final collection next year.

To end this excitingness before i post later with a load of knit samples scanned in on my scanner of pure undiluted evil check out my dress from Scandaravia, knitted on two, thats right two, kinds of knitting machine, it was potentially one of the most complicated things ever but i was pretty pleased with the outcome.