Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Exciting days, mad weekends and lack of time.

So as always though I said i'd update with something that resembles regularity this may have swiftly fallen in to the realm of lies and foul calumnies.
In short here's a quick rundown of the past week. I spent at least 2 days DYING...fabric. Trying to colour match my yarn, its horrible, my hands feel like someone dipped them in acid and then peed on them to make them feel better. All in all it was a good learning curve but i am nowhere near being able to make a sexy pair of orange shorts because the orange i have is not so much sexy...as nasty and no one wants nasty orange shorts skipping down the run way to the drum and bass remix of the Russian National Anthem.
Last week i also had a crit, all in all went well. they decided that one of my jumpers needs to not be a jumper so much of a jersey crop dress with a grown on roll neck. Once i get my head round the concept I'll post a drawing with the foxy digital print added.
  • I need to work on my working drawings. They look rubbish.
  • I need to do a mood board to someone (Robbie?!?!?!)>
  • I need to not waste my weekends staying up till 6am. How ever fun the dancing and conversation engaging.
  • Has anyone ever read Lorna Doone? Its good book, one of my favourite a long with Jamaica Inn.
Mr Joe Collins of http://joecollinsanimation.blogspot.com/ also dropped me a link to a lovely photo shoot which is lovely and Russian and fits in really well with my collection. I love the styling.
Check it out below!


You can find the rest here http://community.livejournal.com/noirfacade/261726.html#cutid1


Robbie said...

well, hello

Joe Collins said...

haha glad you found it useful!